32 WPS Heritage Keyboard

32 WPS Heritage Keyboard


The 32 WPS Heritage Keyboard will equip every graduate with a customized, high-quality mechanical keyboard configured to their specifications, and support the squadron and upcoming graduates in the process!

Note: We are working on having a custom, small-batch set of keycaps created…the images pictured are not exactly how your board will appear–it will look even better!

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PRE-ORDER OPEN: The Heritage Keyboard program seeks to put a custom designed, personally configured, high quality mechanical keyboard in the hands of every 32 WPS graduate. Choose your preferred build quality, layout size, and switch type to customize your board and help support the 32 WPS. Boards are sold near at-cost, are packaged up and shipped from Crash’s house, and all proceeds help to defray the costs of establishing this program for future WO’s and AI’s.

Features include:

  • Fully reconfigurable, down to the switches and keycaps
  • RGB LED Backlit
  • Optional programmable layers and light schemes using open-source software VIA
  • 32WPS Heritage Keycap set included
  • Wired connection only–no wireless connectivity
  • *PREMIUM ALUMINUM BUILD ONLY: Laser Engraving of the graduate’s callsign and graduate number into the board.

DISCLAIMER — This program is in its infancy, so working out supply and logistics kinks is an ongoing effort. We expect a lead time of 2 – 4 months on pre-orders, so please be patient. Crash is doing this for the community. He’s not running the next Amazon.com.

Additional information

Weight 8.5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 6 in
Build Material

Premium (Anodized Aluminum), Normal (ABS Plastic)

Keyboard Size

100% (Full Sized), 75%

Switch Type

Linear (Red), Tactile (Brown), Clicky (Blue)

Size Chart

Full sized boards include all keys you are familiar with. 75% boards are more compact, and eliminate the numpad and "Home" keys, while retaining the function row, arrow keys, and page up/down keys.